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Thanks for visiting our website! We are ECOCHICC Ecologically Conscious Organization Celebrating Honoring Inspiring Creative Communities.

Our primary focus is : People & Planet


We create sustainable handbags, apparel, and accessories handcrafted from natural resources and recycled materials. The inspiration for our company stems from the resourcefulness that is rooted in Brazilian culture along with the American sense of opportunity. 


Our mission as an Ecologically Conscious Organization is to offer employment and a creative outlet to local artisans in the US and abroad. Using Fair Trade Principles, we employ a group of 50 artisan women living in economically depressed communities in Brazil. These women merge traditional crafting techniques with recycled and sustainable materials to co-create our handbags and apparel. Our earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and belts are produced locally by artisans in our hometown of Dallas and  through the recycling efforts from across the U.S. 

Our process is not an easy one, the efforts of many contribute to each handmade item that is produced. We source our recycled materials locally, either in the US or Brazil, mostly through neighborhood networks, friends, garbage collectors, or recycling centers. All materials are thoroughly washed and cleaned before being handcrafted into our unique products. We continue to be inspired each and every day as we witness the community developing and flourishing with each product, design, and style produced.  

We are committed to giving back and improving the socioeconomic status of all our partnering communities while simultanelously producing unique, high-end, fashionable products enjoyed by housewives, executives, teens, celebrities, and even rock stars. 

Overall, we strongly believe in our system, a system upon which all involved are supportive of one another.  


Greener. One day at a time: 

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